Titans fans, ask a Jaguars blogger your questions

As usual, we’re doing another question and answer exchange this week with a blogger from the other side. This week, Nate Bruce of Teal Power will be the man representing the Jaguars point of view.
One question I’ll be asking is about the Jags’ change to a 3-4 defense. With the amount of turnover on the Jacksonville roster this year, I might also ask about that. Perhaps a question about their rookie tackles. Maybe something about Mike Sims-Walker and Torry Holt. It’s hard to do a good Jags Q&A without asking about MJD.
Those are some of my thoughts about possible questions. Your turn. What questions do you want to ask Nate?
I’ll send our questions to Nate on Thursday and then publish his answers along with my answers to his questions.