Titans training camp report, 07-31

731tc 030-1a.jpg

Kerry Collins hands off to Chris Johnson, who follows Ahmard Hall, on the Titans’ first day of training camp.
Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans.
I took a lot of pictures today and have spent several hours going over them. I’ll try to post new ones frequently in the next few weeks, especially pictures of the new guys. Anyway, I spent too much time enjoying them when I should have written something sooner about today’s practice. Not that there was much to write about, but I know that’s what you’re curious about.
It was a great day for football. Great weather and it was good to be back out there watching the Titans.
OK, so I didn’t go there today expecting a lot. There’s usually not much to see and nothing to get excited about, so I definitely didn’t have any high hopes dashed.
It was a slow day. Some special teams work, positional group work and some throwing and catching of the ball. Yawn.

Even d-line coach Jim Washburn seemed to be less than excited. In the time I spent watching his group, I didn’t hear him raise his voice once. Hope he didn’t have a sore throat.
Newcomer Mark Jones and third-year Titan Chris Davis fielded a few punts. Craig Hentrich, by the way, does look markedly different, showing off his new physique after a new diet which resulted in a significant weight loss. The veteran punted almost effortlessly, as if he was a much younger man.
Michael Griffin and Tuff Harris worked as gunners trying to down the ball near the goal line, as did rookies Jason McCourty, Phillip Morris and Dudley Guice.
If there was one thing that did excite me today, it was watching Ahmard Hall as the running backs went through a quick series of blocking a sled, a heavy bag and a guy holding blocking pads. Hall went first each time and none of the other backs was able to come close to delivering the blocks he did. The guy standing on the sled would have been buried underneath it if Hall had followed through any further when he hit it. It wouldn’t have taken too much more to topple it over backwards. Great leverage, he really hit it low and drove up and into it with a loud pop, raising the entire front of the sled several feet.
Then, on to the heavy bag, which he hit just as hard. This was a large heavy bag, quite a bit bigger than the ones you see in gyms. Hall took it easier on the guy with the pad, thank goodness.
It did my heart good to watch that.
By the way, for those of you planning to attend, parking is now across the street from the Titans facility.
First-time visitors are advised to bring water, Gatorade or other liquids to keep hydrated. Sunscreen and appropriate clothing are recommended. Still cameras (no video), binoculars, a folding chair and items to be autographed are things to consider bringing along.
Jeff Fisher is something of a weatherbug and won’t hesitate to cancel practice or move it indoors on short notice if there’s a chance of lightning. If there’s a chance of a storm, it might be a good idea to check the Titans official website or call their hotline at (615) 565-4190 before heading out there.
There are often, but not always, rosters that are available. You might want to print one before heading out. By the way, the jersey numbers for the new veterans are #85 for Nate Washington, #75 for Jovan Haye and #84 for Mark Jones.
If you see me at camp, stop and say hello. I look forward to meeting you.