Titans fans, ask a Jaguars blogger your questions

The Titans' 2012 season will mercifully come to a close on Sunday as they host the 2-13 Jacksonville Jaguars, whose fans are also probably quite glad their season will be coming to an end.  We'll be joined in our final question and answer exchange of the season by Shane Clemons of the Jaguars blog The Jaggernaut.  If you have any questions for Shane about the Jaguars, please leave them in comments and I'll pass them along.

I hope all of you have had a very merry Christmas.  Best wishes to you and yours for continued happy holidays.

Titans fans, ask a Jaguars blogger your questions

It’s that time again. As we’ve been doing for four years on Total Titans, we’ll once again be doing a question and answer exchange with a blogger from the other side.

Please use the comments section for any questions you’d like for a Jaguars blogger to answer about the Jags and/or this week’s game.

I’ll post the questions and answers later this week.