American Football Themed Casino Games

It’s been a long wait but the football season has begun. Every Sunday fans everywhere are glued to the television as they watch how their teams fair in the new season. When watching televised games, there are frequent commercial breaks as well as half time. These times can provide a chance to also participate in some other football related fun. For instance, online casinos offer different slot machine games that use a football theme in their design.

Field of Dream is an American football themed casino game that is sure to please both football and slot machine fans, you can click to  Gaming Club.  The game is a bonus progressive video slot machine. Designed by Real Time Gaming, this slot machine game comes with a total of five slots and 20 pay lines. For those who like to bet big on a slot machine, this game is ideal given the opportunities for wagering money on different lines. Using the football theme, the reels come with various symbols from the game including: a football, football helmet, cheerleaders and a football player. The scatter symbols can be rather valuable in this game. When a player obtains five of these in a row, their winnings could be as much as $40,000. The scatter symbol is the football player. Free spins can also be awarded in amounts that vary from 25 free spins all the way to 125 of them.

Another game combines fruit and football for the slot machine version of the Super Bowl, known as the Fruit Bowl. Designed by Real Time gaming, this slot machine comes with two possible jackpots. One of these is a major jackpot and the other one a minor one. The symbols are quite unique. For instance, the football used in the game is actually a similarly shaped fruit, the lemon. The location of this funny football game is in half a cantaloupe.