How the Titans Targeted Their Receivers in 2014

After last week’s look at running back usage, I thought I should look at how the Titans used their other non-quarterback offensive “skill position” players. Since outside of Kendall Wright they did not get any carries, I will begin with a chart. Notes: I did not include players like Brett Brackett, Richard Gordon, T.J. Graham, and […]

My predicted Titans RB usage against the Titans’ actual running back usage

So, back before the regular season began, I wrote a bunch of things about the Tennessee Titans. Some of them ended up being relatively close to accurate. Others were quite inaccurate. Since it turned into a theme of sorts, I thought today I would look at my predictions for how the Titans would use their […]


Field position and the Titans defense in 2014.

After covering the offense yesterday, I now turn my attention to how field position affected the Titans defense in 2014. Methodology is the same as for the offense and in past seasons. Touchdowns are worth 7 points. Made field goals are worth 3 points. Missed field goals are worth 2 points. All other drives are […]


Field position and the Titans offense in 2014

It’s time for my annual look at how field position affected how the Titans performed on both offense and defense in the season just concluded. I will cover the offense in this post and the defense in a subsequent post which should go up on Tuesday. Given the 2014 season was mostly a factor of […]


2014 Tennessee Titans Snap Report: Defense

After covering the offense earlier in the week, I now turn my attention to the final snap report for the defense. While I posted snap reports weekly during the season after each game, I thought it would be interesting to look at the season totals and try to spot trends (beyond what I highlighted in […]


2014 Tennessee Titans Snap Report: Offense

I posted weekly snap reports during the season, but now that the season is over I thought it would be useful to take a look at how many snaps each player played on each side of the ball, to look for trends over the course of the season. There will be two posts on this, […]

LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 19: Jordan Reed #86 of the Washington Redskins is tackled by Avery Williamson #54 of the Tennessee Titans at FedEx Field on October 19, 2014 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

2014 Tennessee Titans Biggest Surprise: Avery Williamson

After choosing a biggest disappointment, it is time to end the week on a happier note by choosing a biggest surprise for the 2014 Tennessee Titans. It may seem incongruous to choose a surprise in a good way for a team that goes 2-14 and ends the season with the second overall pick. As with […]

Green Bay Packers v Tennessee Titans

2014 Tennessee Titans Biggest Disappointment: Ken Whisenhunt

Back in my season preview post, I noted the Titans returned a very large part of their roster from 2013 and therefore seemed likeliest to end up with something like their 2013 record of 7-9. The case for optimism revolved around new head coach and offensive maestro Ken Whisenhunt. After all, he was replacing Mike […]

2014 Tennessee Titans Rookie of the Year: Avery Williamson   One of the things I stressed in selecting my offensive and defensive most valuable players is being on the field. It’s the same reason I selected Chance Warmack as my 2013 rookie of the year even though I ended that post with a request to play a lot better in 2014. Applying that same […]

2014 Tennessee Titans Defensive MVP: Jurrell Casey Back in 2012, I struggled to pick a defensive MVP, as the Titans struggled to consistently perform at a respectable level against both the run and the pass. That’s what happens when you have a pretty lousy defense that gives up a ton of points and rates miserably by advanced metrics. For instance, that […]

2014 Tennessee Titans Offensive MVP: Delanie Walker My offseason coverage of the Tennessee Titans begins in earnest this week, and that means starting with the superlatives from the Titans season that was. I’ll be picking an MVP on both sides of the ball, naming a rookie of the year, and choosing a biggest surprise and biggest disappointment. I begin today with […]


Tennessee Titans picks in 2015 NFL draft

My annual post for keeping track of the Tennessee Titans’ picks in the upcoming NFL draft. The Titans currently hold six of their seven natural selections in the 2015 NFL draft, having sent their seventh-round pick to New England for the Patriots’ sixth-round selection in the Akeem Ayers trade. With the Lavar Edwards trade apparently failing […]

Tennessee Titans 2015 opponents determined

Programming note: I’ll start with the real season review stuff once calendar year 2015 begins. Given the current parameters of the NFL schedule, opponents are mostly set. We know the Titans will be playing each of their divisional opponents at home and on the road, four games, two each at home and on the road, […]


Tennessee Titans 2014 Week 17 Snap Report

According to the NFL’s official player participation information, here’s how the Tennessee Titans lined up in yesterday’s season-ending 27-10 loss to the Colts: Offense (60 total) QB: Charlie Whitehurst 55, Jordan Palmer 5 RB/FB: Leon Washington 24, Shonn Greene 20, Bishop Sankey 13, Antonio Andrews 6, Jackie Battle 2 TE: Delanie Walker 58, Matthew Mulligan 17, […]