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More on Al Woods

To get a better idea of what the Titans are getting, I went back and watched a couple games of defensive lineman Al Woods, whom they signed back in March. Similar to when I did a similar exercise for Sammie Lee Hill last year, the first question was which games to watch. This really wasn’t […]


More on Zach Mettenberger

Greg Cosell, in an appearance on the Midday180 on May 14, 2014: “I think Zach Mettenberger can be a quality NFL starting QB. … To me he was one of the top three QBs available in the draft.” Eric Stoner, on the Draft Mecca podcast on January 31, 2014: “I already know, I’ll tell you […]


More on Marqueston Huff

The first question asked about Marqueston Huff when the Titans drafted him was, “Is he a corner or a safety?” I wondered it in his selection post, and it’s come up in about everything I’ve seen on Huff since then. The Titans’ apparent answer to that question: “Yes.” To wit, Ruston Webster at the draft […]


More on Avery Williamson

Scheduling note: I’m skipping over Marqueston Huff and coming back to him. As a reported visitor whose three game videos I’d already watched, I had a reasonably informed take on Avery Williamson when I wrote up his selection. In watching his games in more detail, I could think more seriously about his specific traits and […]


More on DaQuan Jones

Watching DaQuan Jones, I wondered, is he more than just a big guy on the defensive line? If he was, how would I tell? Scouting college players is all about projection of player traits to the next level. I’m comfortable with uncertainty in this process; that’s what my post on Bishop Sankey a couple days […]


More on Bishop Sankey

Programming note: Back in the saddle, or at least I should be. Expect the normal semi-steady diet of posts. When I wrote up the Titans’ picks immediately after they were drafted, I was generally relying on what other people said about them before the draft that I recalled and what I’d seen before the draft. […]

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A brief guide to Ray Horton defensive fronts

One of the things I wrote about back in February when I did the positional analyses was new defensive coordinator Ray Horton’s front alignments. For those posts, I relied on a very small amount of 2013 Browns watching and more watching of the 2012 Cardinals. Since that time, I’ve watched some more of the 2013 […]


Titans play-calling by down and quarterback

No, I’m not posting more. In fact, I’m not providing much analysis. Instead, while I was running some Raiders and Broncos splits for my writing for Football Outsiders Almanac 2014, I went ahead and ran some Titans splits along the same lines. This is just simply play-calling, by quarterback, by down, and by quarter. The Jake Locker […]


Breaking down the Titans’ 2014 UDFA signings

Programming note: As you may have noticed, new content has been sparse here lately. I’m currently in the midst of Football Outsiders Almanac 2014 writing season, which is taking up all of the football-writing time that otherwise mostly gets devoted here. Posts will continue to be irregular until mid-late June, though I’ll try to chime in […]


Overviewing the Tennessee Titans’ 2014 draft

“A lot of what comes into play is really how much does football matter to them, how much does winning matter to them and will they do the things, when they’re in this building, to help us win. … In the end, it’s really how important football and winning are to them and will they […]


Recapping the Tennessee Titans’ 2014 draft picks

I hope to have a broad-scale overview post that looks at the draft more conceptually in a day or two, but in the interim here’s a basic overview of the players the Titans selected in the 2014 NFL draft. Links in player names are to the post I wrote when they were selected. Selection: 1st […]

Titans trade up to select QB Zach Mettenberger in 6th round

The Tennessee Titans traded up, giving up their seventh-round pick to move up eight spots in the sixth round. With that upgraded sixth rounder, the Titans took LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger. When I covered Mettenberger in the visitors post, I mentioned he could go anywhere from the late first round to going completely undrafted. He […]

Titans take ILB Avery Williamson in 5th round

With their fifth-round pick, 151st overall, in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans selected Kentucky linebacker Avery Williamson. Williamson was a highly productive tackling machine for the Wildcats, totaling 237 tackles between 2012 and 2013. He has decent size at 6’1, 246 pounds, and projects best as a run-stopper. He was one of the […]

Titans select DB Marqueston Huff with second 4th round pick

With the fourth-round pick they acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday, 122nd overall in the 2014 NFL draft, the Titans selected defensive back Marqueston Huff from Wyoming. Huff has good size for the position at 5’11, 196 pounds and showed pretty good speed, running a 4.47 at the Combine. He was a productive player for […]

Titans select DL DaQuan Jones in 4th round

With their own fourth-round pick, 112th overall, in the 2014 NFL draft, the Titans selected Penn State defensive tackle DaQuan Jones. Jones’ most notable trait may be excellent size, measuring in at 6’3 3/4″, 322 pounds at the Combine. He played primarily as an 3-tech defensive tackle for the Nittany Lions. His early NFL role […]